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Moving Testimonials

I used United Movers of America for my move from Virginia to Maryland and I was absolutely amazed at the experience that I had. Every one of the movers showed incredible level of detail when they packed up my items and they really helped me to understand the quote for the services. I would recommend these guys to anyone

Fred F.

United Movers of America is definitely one of the great moving services in the United States. I started my quote online and I was able to get pricing back within an hour of submitting the quote. I couldn’t believe the response that I got back. Not only was it lower than other quotes that I received but much more detailed. Great job on the moving day.

Mary T.

Treated us fairly even on a short move. We were going to be buying a brand-new house in a neighboring street and there were too many movers that were interested in such a short distance move. United Movers of America sent us a fair quote in just a few hours after I contacted them and they worked very quickly on the moving day.

Teresa T.

I have had to take advantage of last-minute moving services four times in the past three years. My work regularly relocates me in areas across the country with very little notice and it can sometimes be a struggle to find a mover that can keep up. United Movers of America is now my go to moving service especially for last-minute moves. They are a business consultants dream!

Gary E.

These guys are the best. I’ve never seen movers take so much care and moving my antiques and I couldn’t believe how reasonable the price was. There were no extra charges and this is the first time that a mover hasn’t charged me for extras like boxes or packing blankets.

Jen S.

The Army was shipping the other DC and I needed to find a mover fast. Moving with the Army can sometimes be difficult but United Movers has quickly become a trusted mover for many military officials stationed in DC. I took the advice of a boss and called them right away. The game a great discount and all of my stuff was relocated by the end of the week to my new post.

Tom R.

Moving my art studio was a breeze. These guys took just three hours to pack up all my paintings and move them 30 min. down the road in Virginia. I was moving to a larger studio and I couldn’t believe how fast they were able to get my stuff to the new location.

Kurt S.

What an amazing moving experience. United Movers of America showed up on time and were able to clear out my entire home and move me across the city in just six hours. Me my family were amazed at just how fast these guys were able to move and how all of our items were in place with time for us to start unpacking that evening.

Evelyn W.

Consistently good movers. I have used United Movers of America for my last three moves in New York. Not only did they take extra care navigating the stairways in my apartment but they regularly deliver the lowest price from any quoted mover. I call them first every time I have to move now.

Robert P.

The cheapest local move I have ever had. United Movers of America help me move into a new place in Arlington from DC and they did it for around $1275. I couldn’t believe the price especially when I was quoted nearly 3000 by some of the competition. I was very thankful that I called United Movers especially seeing the great care that they took with moving my new furniture.

Chris J.