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Storage Solutions

United Movers of America works as a total service package for professional relocation. Our staff members are available to complete moves across the United States and we can also offer a secure storage solution for short-term or long-term storage support.

As professional relocation experts we know that sometimes you just need a bit of extra time for your move or the ability to downsize during the course of the move. Reliable storage solutions from security controlled and climate controlled storage can really help to ease the burden of downsizing or managing items that can’t currently fit into storage or move with you.

Our storage solutions are ideal if you are moving into a smaller house or apartment, if you need to reduce the size of your inventory or you need to relocate and start collecting items like new appliances or furniture that’s going to go into your new home. We offer storage facilities that are out-of-state as well as within your local area and our network of approved storage facilities can keep your items undamaged as well as extremely secure.

Any type of weather sensitive items will be protected against humidity and temperature in monitored facilities with round-the-clock access to you and approved members of your family. Storing items in non-climate controlled storage can heavily damage them and rather than risking your antiques, metal appliances and other valuables we can provide you with storage solutions that will protect your items during the course of your move, storage or downsizing.

Top-quality security solutions at every one of the storage facilities that we have approved also ensure that you can relax knowing the 24-hour security and climate control are in effect with your items. Easy access to collect all of your personal goods through flexible and affordable storage solutions can also improve the convenience of your move. If you need assistance with moving any of your items out of storage contact us today and we can set up a moving appointment for you.