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Moving to or from Georgia

Located in the southeast of the United States, the state of Georgia was first established in 1733 and was named after King George II, of Great Britain.

Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the Constitution of the United States in 1788, and was the last of the confederate states to be restored to the union  on July 15, 1870. Now, Georgia is 24th largest state, but ranks 8th in terms of population.

Known as the Peach State, as well as the Empire State of the South, the state’s capital is Atlanta, and it is also the most populated city in the state (it has been declared a global city.)

Bordered by Florida to the south, the Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina to the east, Alabama to the west, and Tennessee and North Carolina to the north. In the northern portions of the state you will find the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are part of the Appalachian Mountain ranges.

Making the move to Georgia

When it comes to you and your family, or office making a move to Georgia, you are going to want a moving company that does more than just get you and your stuff from Point A to Point B. When you go with a moving company that knows Georgia, and its surrounding states, you can rely on your move being hassle free, and you and your possessions making it to your new home or office quickly, efficiently, and all in one piece.

United Movers of America is exactly the moving you want on your side when it comes to all of this. Thanks to our team of well-trained moving professionals, we can help relieve the stresses and pressures that come with local, and long distant moves to and from Georgia.

Our team of hard-working professionals believe that integrity, industry know how and a little old-fashioned elbow grease is the perfect combination for getting any job done, no matter the distance or size.

So, before you plan your family’s move to, or from, Georgia, make sure to give our team at United Movers of America a call to get a quote on your move, whether it is long distance or local.