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Moving to or from Alabama

Located in the southeast of the United States, Alabama is wedged between Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to its south, and Mississippi on its west side. Known as the Yellowhammer State (after the official state bird,) or the Heart of Dixie, Alabama is the 24th-largest state in America by way of population and at just over 1,500 miles, it is also one of the longest states in America that is able to be navigated by inland waterways.

While the capital of Alabama is Montgomery, the largest city (by population) in the state is Birmingham, which happens to also be the most industrialized city in the state. Huntsville is the largest city in Alabama when it comes to land size, and Mobile holds the record for being the oldest city in the Heart of Dixie (it was founded by the French in 1702 and was even the capital of French Louisiana.)

Alabama’s climate is a humid subtropic that sees an average temperature of about 64 °F, however, the temperature tends to average a little higher in the southern portion of the state, close to the Gulf of Mexico. In the cooler, northern part of Alabama you will find the Appalachian mountains in the northeast.

Alabama is home to some of the hottest summers in all of the United States with average temperatures of 90 °F all through the summer months. However, the state is also prone to tropical storms and even susceptible to hurricanes.

Making the move to Alabama State

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